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New Multi Keys Safe Storage Box

New Multi Keys Safe Storage Box

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Introducing our Multi Keys Safe Storage Box – a secure and organized solution for your keys at home, in the office, factory, or store.

Made of durable steel that resists hammering and sawing, this key storage box is designed for maximum security. Whether you prefer a combination lock or key lock, we offer both options to meet your specific needs.

Ideal for securely storing keys and promoting easy classification, our storage box ensures that your keys are readily accessible while being well-organized. The back of the box comes with mounting holes, making it easy to install on the wall for convenient access.

The separately labeled hooks inside the box provide the perfect solution for key classification, ensuring that you can quickly find the key you need without any hassle.

Choose our 20/28/36 Keys Storage Box for a durable, secure, and organized way to manage your keys at home, in the office, or in any commercial setting.

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