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Fireproof RFID Card Holder for Passports

Fireproof RFID Card Holder for Passports

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Introducing our Fireproof Signal Blocking Bag – a secure and versatile solution crafted to protect your valuables with the utmost care.

🔥 Flame Retardant Material, Safe and Environmentally Friendly: The outer layer is made of upgraded liquid silicone fiberglass fabric, providing enhanced safety and environmental friendliness.

🧤 Hook and Zipper Fire Protection: Equipped with a hook and zipper, our bag is designed to prevent flames from entering inside. Additionally, its exceptional durability makes it resistant to tearing, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

🔒 Three-Layer Protection: The outer layer is flame retardant, with two inner layers – one serving as an electronic shield and the other as a normal layer. This triple-layered design ensures comprehensive protection for your belongings.

📦 Large Capacity: With a spacious interior, our Fireproof Signal Blocking Bag can accommodate mobile phones, mobile power, notes, jewelry, checks, cash, passports, and more. Experience peace of mind knowing your valuables are stored securely.

💧 Waterproof Design: The bag is designed with a waterproof feature, adding an extra layer of protection. Anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties ensure that your valuables are safeguarded in various environments.

🌐 Versatile Usage: Whether at home, in the office, or in your car, this Waterproof Fireproof Bag is suitable for a wide range of uses. Protect your valuables and information with confidence.

Explore more product details:

1. Strong Fire Resistant: The Signal Blocking Bag uses upgraded liquid silicone fiberglass cloth for the outer layer, featuring low thermal conductivity and strong refractory properties, withstanding up to 1000°C (1832°F) with smooth surfaces.

2. Fire-Resistant Design: The Fireproof Bags for Cash prevent flames from entering, designed with magic strips and fire-resistant zippers, featuring durable construction that won't tear easily.

3. Fireproof Outer Layer: The Fireproof Cash Pouch features an electronic shielding inner layer and a normal inner layer, protecting your privacy with a fire-resistant outer layer and two inner layers.

4. Wide Range of Uses: Large enough to store mobile phones and power banks, the Fireproof Pouch Bag is also suitable for jewelry, checks, cash, passports, or precious photos—a multi-purpose bag to store valuables.

5. Waterproof Protection: Suitable for the home, office, or car, the Waterproof Fireproof Bag is water-resistant and anti-corrosion, offering enhanced protection for your valuables and information.

Invest in the Fireproof Signal Blocking Bag – where safety meets functionality. Secure your valuables with confidence, knowing they are shielded from potential threats.

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